At the peak of the siege of Burns

Peter Walker on Facebook:

Editorial opinion: Judge Steve Grasty is a hero. At the peak of the siege of Burns, when the Bundys invaded the town hall meeting (Jan. 19), Judge Grasty looked Ammon Bundy straight in eye and told him he’d personally drive Bundy to safety outside the county. But Grasty insisted that Bundy leave. Bundy’s men were armed and had taken up tactical positions in each corner of the high school gym (Ritzheimer was right behind me). It was one of the most courageous things I’ve ever seen. Even those who don’t agree with Judge Grasty ought to acknowledge he has served his county with exemplary courage, and allow him the rest of his term in peace.

This photo chills my blood. Judge Grasty is in the yellow shirt. Bundy’s men are unmistakable.

Another photo:

Ammon Bundy (you know which one…) looked stone-faced while Judge Grasty told him to go.

This happened:

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – A recall petition has been filed against a Harney County official who did not support the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Petitioners say they have gathered 566 signatures, more than enough to compel Judge Steve Grasty to resign or face a recall election.

Peter Walker’s commentary on the news item:

For those who haven’t followed it as obsessively as I do: this is a hangover from the Bundy occupation– in short the occupiers demanded that Sheriff Ward and Judge Grasty shield the Hammonds from federal arrest, in effect declaring the supremacy of county rule over federal law. In their view of the constitution, county officials who refuse to do that “duty” have to be removed. Who gave them authority to decide what the constitution means isn’t clear…

The politics of bullies.

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