Behold: a person

Everyday Feminism is so reliably absurd. You know how they caption every single image with a tedious description, out of consideration for people who can’t see images? And how mostly it’s annoying because the image is just an illustration, not something crucial to understanding the content of the post? And there’s no point in giving a verbal description of a non-substantive image that is there solely to provide visual interest along with words? So describing it in words is just seriously futile and silly? Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway – here’s one:


A person sitting at a wooden table and chairs, with bookshelves lining the wall behind them. They are holding a sandwich in one hand and licking the fingers of their other hand.

They’re so keen to be helpful that they pointlessly provide verbal descriptions of images that are there just to break up the text as opposed to providing needed information…and yet…

…and yet…

They describe an image of a skinny dainty young woman with “a person” and “they”…thus leaving the people unable to see images in ignorance of what sex the person holding a sandwich is.

On a site that calls itself feminist.

Lordy lordy lordy.

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