Update: it’s now 12 people killed.

And Berlin.

An articulated lorry has ploughed into a busy Christmas market in the heart of Berlin, killing nine people and injuring many more, police say.

Police say they suspect it was deliberate. Video shows stalls knocked over and people lying injured.

A suspicious person was arrested nearby, while what police describe as a passenger was found dead, police say.

The market is at Breitscheidplatz, close to the Kurfuerstendamm, the main shopping street in the city’s west.

It’s also right near the Berlin zoo. I once knew some elephant keepers at the Berlin Zoo.

Here’s the Facebook safety check page, in case you have friends there. I’ve heard from a couple of friends.

According to the DPA news agency, police believe the lorry drove 50-80 metres (54-87 yards) through the market area during the incident, which occurred at 20:14 local time (19:14 GMT).

“We are investigating whether it was a terror attack but do not yet know what was behind it,” a police spokesman told AFP news agency.

“One person was detained. The cab of the truck was found empty.”

That’s a hell of a distance to drive by accident, plus there’s the fact that it happened in Nice as well as other places in France, plus there have been news reports that this is a recommended method for freelance mass murderers. No need to mess with explosives or guns, just get a truck and drive it into a crowded open air spot.

Images of the lorry show it was registered in neighbouring Poland and Polish media are suggesting it may have been stolen earlier on Monday.

The Polish haulage company which uses the vehicle has reportedly been unable to get in touch with the original driver, a Polish national, since 16:00 (15:00 GMT).

So the driver is probably dead.

A British eyewitness, Mike Fox, told The Associated Press at the scene that the large lorry had missed him by only about 3m as it drove into the market, tearing through tables and wooden stands.

“It was definitely deliberate,” said the tourist, visiting from Birmingham.

He said he had helped people who appeared to have broken limbs, and that others were trapped under Christmas stands.

Allahu akbar.

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