Call it what it is

On CNN at least one person gets it about Bundy’s army, saying they’re domestic terrorists, duh.

(On the other hand CNN has a breaking news headline at the top of the page saying Ammon Bundy “holds briefing” – as if he were an official. He’s not holding a “briefing,” he’s a violent criminal saying things on camera.)

Let’s begin with what to call the Oregon anti-government protesters who have taken over a federal building. The men, heavily armed, urging others to come support their cause, and claiming somehow that, while peaceful, they will “defend” themselves whatever it takes, are — by any definition — domestic terrorists.

It does not matter that they insist they are peaceful or some sort of lawful militia; I can claim I’m 26 years old and a size 2 and that still doesn’t make it true. This group of men is wielding terror, and the threat of violence, as if it were their constitutional right.

Damn right. They’re using guns to break the law, to grab and hold public property, to draw attention to themselves, to resist arrest.

They are dangerous, they are unforgiving, they are flouting federal law, they have a political purpose and they clearly are willing to use violence to get their way. Simply because they are not Muslim jihadists does not mean they are authorized to threaten or use violence to support their political cause.

Could the news media possibly take that in and then retain it?

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