The AP reports Cliven Bundy faces charges over the 2014 “standoff.”

Federal prosecutors in Las Vegas are charging Cliven Bundy with conspiracy, assault on a federal officer, obstruction, weapon and other crimes.

A criminal complaint filed Thursday stems from Bundy’s role at the center of a tense April 2014 armed standoff with federal officials near his ranch in Nevada.

It involved self-styled Bundy militia supporters pointing military-style weapons at federal agents trying to enforce a court order to round up Bundy cattle from federal rangeland near his ranch.

See that’s no good. You don’t want that, not even if you think the resisters have a valid cause. (If you’re living in a state where law enforcement just quietly kills people after arresting them, that’s different, but then you’re living in a failed state.) You want people to argue their case, not pull guns.



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