Fabulous mighty girl daughter wants to be a firefighter for halloween

A Mighty Girl:

“my fabulous mighty girl daughter wants to be a firefighter for halloween. because of this, we have had to endure the following from lovely, well-meaning people:

– oh, she wants to be a firefighter? does she have brothers? (no, shockingly, she has thoughts of her own! all by her girl self!)
– while holding ava: hi, where are your firefighter costumes? how old is he? she’s almost 3. what size is he? she’s a 3. does he need a hat? (aaaaarrrrgggh!)
– a firetruck! so cute! do you put your dolls in it? (do you ask boys this question?)
– she’s going to be a fireman? (if she can say ‘firefighter’ at TWO, i’m sure you can, too…)

dear well-meaning world. gender stereotypes suck. and we need feminism more than ever. thanks much for listening to my rant.

– mommy of a little girl who just wants to be whatever she wants to be.”

Kudos to Kim for supporting her Mighty Girl’s interests wherever they take her and thanks for sharing this fantastic picture!

If you’re looking for an empowering costume for your Mighty Girl, our Halloween Costume Guide features 400 options for all ages, infant through adult, on a variety of themes, including many occupational-themed costumes.

If your Mighty Girl likes to pretend to fight fires, you can also find many related toys, including the Fire Truck Pedal Car pictured here, in our “Pretend Play Occupations” section.

And, if you’d like to introduce more gender diversity into your children’s LEGO collection, the Community Minifigures Set includes 22 figures in a variety of community roles, including both male and female firefighters.

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