Four of the best

At the Bristol Festival of Ideas next month

The End of Free Speech?

With Julie Bindel, Sarah Ditum, Maryam Namazie and Sian Norris

Sat 19 March 2016
Price: £9/£8
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Are we facing a crisis in free speech? Are there limits on what we can talk about, campaign for, criticise and debate? Recent topics of discussion – ranging from the provision of safe spaces in educational institutions and work places, through ‘no-platforming’ policies to religious fundamentalism and the ideology behind the attacks in Paris and elsewhere – lead some to call for limits on freedom of speech and some areas of campaigning.

Four speakers – all of whom have faced freedom of speech issues – debate the boundaries and how freedom of speech might be protected and extended in the future: Julie Bindel, writer and journalist; writer Sarah Ditum (recently removed from a panel by Bristol University Feminist Society); Maryam Namazie, political activist, campaigner and blogger; and Sian Norris, writer, feminist activist and director of the Bristol Women’s Literature Festival.

That should be tremendous.

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