They never accused

In case we haven’t had enough no-platforming today, in case we haven’t had enough damnfoolery from UK university feminist societies today, in case we haven’t had enough of mouthy feminist women being stabbed in the back by other feminists today – we can contemplate the fact that the Bristol Feminist Society decided to no-platform Sarah Ditum because somebody somewhere said she said something transphobic maybe perhaps but don’t quote them.

Sarah Ditum ‏@sarahditum 6 hours ago
Too perfect. No-platformed by @TWSSMagazine (Bristol uni femsoc mag) because they won’t have anyone “accused of transphobia” on a panel.

Obvs they claimed “unforeseen circs”. Too cowardly to keep their invitation, too cowardly to say why. But I have the emails @TWSSMagazine

Well don’t worry, Bristol FemSoc and their magazine That’s What She Said issued a statement clearing everything up.

That’s What She Said ‏@TWSSMagazine 5 hours ago
TWSS’s Statement regarding rescinding Sarah Ditum from one of our events:

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Dazzling, isn’t it? “The decision was based on previous allegations that claimed Sarah Ditum made transphobic comments.” No actual agents here, just floating allegations making floating claims of something entirely vague – and on the basis of that they

  1. no-platform Sarah and
  2. libel her.

Meghan Murphy is scathing.

Ta daaa! We’ve reached peak no-platforming. Bristol Feminist Society has disinvited feminist writer Sarah Ditum from a panel on Women in Journalism, not on account of anything concrete, but on account of someone somewhere (but we’re not sure who or where or why, so please don’t ask!) accusing her of transphobia. The organization claimed “unforeseen circumstances,” but emails were leaked to Ditum providing evidence that the decision had been made due to this (unfounded) accusation. Behold, the new witch trials.

It reminds me of last summer – remember the immortal “when somebody tells you, you know”? Yes, friends, if somebody says something, it is invariably true and you should always believe it without question, and act accordingly. That’s democracy.

I think we should have a conference of no-platformed feminist women. It would be large and by god it would be lively. Mark Zuckerberg could fund it.

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