Free at least for now

Samar Badawi has been released, but it’s not yet clear whether that’s on bail or free without conditions.

Deutsche Welle just says she’s been released. It quotes Jaafar Abdul Karim:

Jaafar Abdul Karim ‏@jaafarAbdulKari
Human Rights Activist #Samar_Badawi, sister of @raif_badawi, was released after an interrogation and is now home with her infant daughter.

But Vice reports that she’s free on bail.

Update: Samar Badawi has been released from her interrogation and is now free on bail.

But Ensaf Haidar said five hours ago that she’s free.

For those asking me about Samar Badawi: She was released yesterday after being questioned by the security officials. She is not required to go back to them. Let us hope that they will leave her alone.

So that’s what I know at the moment.

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