Get a grip and stop promoting the erasure of women as policy

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  • I’m so encouraged by the political intelligence in this thread. 🍾A tiny number of people subscribe to this women erasing nonsense. If the Greens don’t want to become a political irrelevance they’d do well to remember that simple fact.
  • I’m a floating left-wing voter – I’m nowhere near 100% happy with WEP, Labour, Lib Dem or Greens, but my vote has to go somewhere. Well done for ensuring it won’t be here.
  • Women are not “non-men” – this is Handmaid’s Tale stuff. Get a grip and stop promoting the erasure of women as policy – if you’re bothered about keeping and attracting voters, that is.
  • Are Green Party Women happy with the term ‘non white’, too, to describe people of all black and minority ethnic heritages?
    No? Good. Nor should you be happy with ‘non men’.
  • I know lots of men who classify themselves as feminists, I know transgender individuals who have fought for the right to be called women, I’ve never ever heard anyone campaign to be a ‘non-man’.
  • What about women? Male as default marginalises women everywhere.
    When do women get to exist in our own right, as opposed to as in the shadow of men?
    So profoundly disappointed by a party that has done this to women while pretending to care about marginalisation.
  • As a Green Party Not-Man, I’m not sure I like “not-man”. Can we go with something more all encompassing please, I’d like to put forward “other” or better still “alien”
  • Non-men? Is this April Fools Day? My cat is therefore a non-dog. My sofa is a non-table. My TV is a non-radio… and YOU are non-sensible. Furthermore you’ll be making a laughing stock of the entire Party and all it represents by persisting with this bloody stupid idea. Regards, a woman.

Me, I identify as a non-cheetah. Might as well go with an elegant sprinter to not be.

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