Go high

Irony stretched to the breaking point – a Facebook rant (sorry, I instantly forgot who posted it so can’t link) about how pathetically unelectable the Dems are, because all the people who spoke last night – Cory Booker, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren among others – never struggled a day in their lives, so how can they possibly lure voters away from Trump?

What universe is this? Trump is the one who inherited millions. Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Warren grew up working class. Cory Booker’s parents were IBM executives, but I don’t think we should be assuming that even comfortably middle class black kids grow up with zero struggle, especially compared to rich white kids.

People seem to confuse Trump’s incredible vulgarity with his being somehow working class and not privileged and representative of the struggling masses, and the striking unvulgarity of Booker and Obama and Warren with silver spoon births. That’s ridiculous. Trump is indeed a boor, and ignorant, and profoundly trashy – but that’s not because he ever had to “struggle” – it’s because that’s what he’s like.

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