Guest post: Fighting these battles for decades

Guest post by Tigger the wing.

I fear that my generation may have been far too indulgent of baby mtf trannies, when I discover them saying things like this:

Reminder to not use vaginas, periods, or slogans like “pussy power” as symbols for feminism!!! don’t exclude women who don’t have vaginas :)

How DARE you! How VERY dare you, you entitled little shits‽

Your grandmothers, mothers, sisters, ftm cousins, and older transwomen, have been fighting these battles for decades before most of you decided that you’d like to wear dresses and make-up. Did you have no idea, when you discovered your feminine internal person, that by joining the underclass you would automatically lose all the privileges that being born with a penis gave you, whether you asked for or expected such or not? And that by privileging those women born with a penis over all the billions of women who weren’t, you are perpetuating the patriarchal constructs that gave all queer people, including trans people like us, such a fucking hard time until feminists fought for us to have rights?

And then you have the sheer unmitigated gall to accuse people who say “Stop trampling over women” of being TERFs or ‘transmisogynistic’?

And to think I mulled over this for two days, because I was worried that my following initial response was too strong to post. And instead, I decided that it wasn’t strong enough. ;)
“Weird, isn’t it, that women who have had their reproductive organs removed, for health reasons for example, have never had a problem with generalised language like that, because they understand that it was never intended to be exclusive.

It was much more important to focus on getting an education and the vote, being allowed to work where one was qualified to work regardless of marital status, being allowed to control one’s own fertility, being paid the same as a man for doing work of equivalent value, being treated as an autonomous being in marriage instead of a sex slave, etc., etc., et bloody cetera.

Has it really come to this, that the struggle to improve the fate of half the human race is going to be derailed by a tiny percentage of trans extremists who think that the fact that they were born with a penis makes them more important, so it should be all about them? Isn’t that the very attitude that feminism was formed to fight against?”

So, go on then – defriend and block me, you snivelling little cowards, too pusillanimous to engage with adults on adult terms, engaging in online slacktivism and faux outrage against manufactured slights. Bloody social justice draft-dodgers and weasels, defending the pore ould patriarchy against those eebil wimminz and their disgusting procreative ways. I’m going to hit my drums, and pretend that it is possible to knock some sense into your dense little brains.

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