Guest post: They are, in fact, louder than the rest of us

Originally a comment by iknklast on Refreshing, in response to Megyn Kelly on “political correctness.”

I understand how flyover country feels, how Republicans feel about this. And my general sense is that they feel they’ve been lectured to enough on how they’re supposed to speak and how things that were very innocuous or innocent over the past several years were spun back to them as you’re racist if you say that, you’re racist if you do this, things, you know, that are not racist. And so they’ve gotten their backs up

I swear, if I hear anything more about “how the middle of the country feels”, I might scream…vomit…fly into a rage. Why are we supposed to be taking account of feelings of racism and sexism and other ugly isms just because it is associated with the middle of the country? When did the official memo come down that these people have some sort of particular wonderful that we need to make sure we don’t “lecture” to them, or “call them racist”? I LIVE in this country, Megyn, and I am ready to tell you…THEY are plenty ready to lecture ME about being…(1) a woman. This is only acceptable if you are willing to be an incubator and a sex toy. (2) A liberal. This isn’t acceptable in any context. (3) Artistic. That makes me deeply suspect. (4) Intellectual. Yes, I like to read, and I don’t read Zane Grey or…well, I’m not sure who it is I’m supposed to read, since I don’t read them, and I can’t remember their names…you know, that endless stream of lone hero books that use torture and objectify women? Fill in your own damn names, I don’t have any need to. (5) Non-religious. Oooh, that’s a big one. How dare I not believe in God? (6) Not a sports fan. Yes, that’s right, not liking football around here is going to get me a long, long lecture, longer than if I ate babies, I think. (7) Happy. That is the worst of it to all of these people – I am perfectly capable of being a happy, working, non-sports watching, non-incubating, intellectual, artistic woman. How dare I? And…I’m nice. I’m a damn nice person, and they absolutely hate, hate, hate that!

So Megyn, do NOT tell me again about how THEY feel. They have told me more than enough, and they have told all of us, ad infinitum, for the past two thousand years. They are not ignored, they are not pushed aside, they are not silenced. They are, in fact, louder than the rest of us, which is why we all keep talking about HOW SILENCED THEY ARE!

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