Hilarious genocide joke enlivens football game

This one made my eyes open wide in shock. A high school football game in Ohio between the Greenfield-McClain Tigers and the Hillsboro “Indians” (can we please retire all those names now?) – the cheerleaders for the not-“Indian” team made a banner saying

Hey Indians Get Ready for A Trail of TEARS Part 2

That’s as if the Greenfield-McClain Tigers were playing the Hillsboro “Jews” and the Tigers cheerleaders made a banner saying Hey Jews, get ready for a holocaust part 2. The Trail of Tears is what happened when Jackson kicked all the Native Americans out of desirable fertile land in the southeast and forced them to walk west until they got to a place nobody wanted. Many of them died. It’s a horror-name, like Tuskegee or Auschwitz or the Edmund Pettus Bridge. It’s not a joke for football fans to bandy about.

Notice (as I just belatedly did) the eye in the corner, with the tear coming out.

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