It is understood that YS stands for “young sluts”

Boys at a private school in Melbourne set up an Instagram account last week in order to post photos of little girls and call them sluts.

Police are investigating an Instagram account which was set up by students at an exclusive private boys’ school to share photos of young girls without their knowledge.

The offensive account was created by two Year 11 boys at Brighton Grammar School and encouraged viewers to vote on the “slut of the year”.

“Offensive” isn’t the right word there. It’s misogynist and sexist and rapey.

A Melbourne mother who spoke out in disgust on her Facebook page after discovering that photos of her young daughter were uploaded onto the social media page, told Fairfax Media that she received a threatening phone call from from an “old boys’ club” parent on Sunday night.

The caller, who phoned on a blocked number, said the Instagram account “was just a group of young boys having fun”.

Having “fun” by violating the privacy of younger girls, by inviting people to call them “sluts,” by treating them as contemptible objects of sexual consumption, by expressing contempt for them themselves. That’s a deeply fucked up idea of “fun” and that parent should get in the sea.

One photo apparently showed a schoolgirl wearing bikini bottoms and a white singlet top and included a caption describing sex acts she would perform, the mother said. Another photo featured a group of grade six girls in their school uniforms as they walked to meet their parents after school.

“I am writing this as a mother of a girl that has not only been sexualised but violated within our small community,” the concerned mother wrote on a public Facebook post, which was shared hundreds of times before she made the post private on Sunday night.

What is this sick combination of sexual interest coupled with loathing and contempt?

The account – which was titled ys_academy_puspus – was set up by the students after school on Friday and deleted over the weekend after Brighton Grammar became aware of its existence. It is understood that YS stands for “young sluts”.

Maybe it will be the Facebook of tomorrow.

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