Many dozens of journalists have lost their jobs

Erdoğan is zeroing in on the journalists now.

One journalist, who was on vacation, had his home raided in the early morning by the police. Others were called in to their bosses’ offices last week and fired, with little explanation. Dozens of reporters have had their press credentials revoked.

A pro-government newspaper, meanwhile, published a list of names and photographs of journalists suspected of treachery.

The witch-hunt environment that has enveloped Turkey in the wake of a failed military coup extended to the media on Monday, as the government issued warrants for the detention of dozens of journalists.

Erdoğan never has liked to see journalists just doing journalism, without any helpful guidance from him.

Many dozens of journalists have lost their jobs during his tenure. Others have been arrested over their coverage of national security issues. Still others have been charged with insulting the president, a crime in Turkey.

Among the journalists on the list to be detained on Monday was Nazli Ilicak, a prominent television commentator who was fired several years ago from Sabah, a pro-government newspaper, after criticizing the government during a corruption scandal.

Oh well, governments are always perfect, so there’s no need to have journalists who criticize them.

As the government has detained journalists, it has also begun censoring the internet, blocking access to more than 20 websites, including the news sites Gazetport, Haberdar and Medyascope.

The Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council also canceled broadcasting licenses for 24 television and radio stations with suspected ties to Mr. Gulen.

The Turkish government has not spared foreign journalists in its attacks, verbal or otherwise, on the media.

Officials have singled out news outlets such as the BBC and The New York Times for what they called “pro-coup coverage,” saying the outlets’ focus has been more on Mr. Erdogan’s sweeping purge rather than on the assault on Turkey’s democracy from the coup itself.

The coup was over in hours. The purge is going on and on and on…

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