Measure the headlines

A drawback to getting news online is that one doesn’t necessarily see how the news is presented and ordered – what is above the fold in huge headlines and what is below it in ordinary headlines. Jamison Foser has shown me what I’ve been missing.

Big headlines right at the top of the page, the whole entire above the fold occupied by Clinton email news.

On the other hand…

See there? The “email news” was empty bullshit, calculated to damage Clinton and help Trump. The Trump Not-University fraud suit is not empty bullshit – it’s about real fraud, in which Trump – the president-elect – cheated gullible people out of a lot of money. A hugely rich man cheated people with little money (if they had much money they wouldn’t bother with any real-estate “university”) out of a big chunk of money – yet that gets muffled treatment, while Clinton’s mistake with emails gets reported like high treason.

The email story was before the election and the fraud story was after, but that’s not a sufficient reason for such disproportionate coverage.

The fraud suit is a very important story. The guy who will be president in under 9 weeks settled a lawsuit over his cheating a bunch of people out of thousands of dollars each. Our next president is a rich guy who preys on poor people and steals what little money they have. That is a major story.

I guess we should look on the bright side? He doesn’t roast and eat babies, that we know of?


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