Milo agrees he does like offending people

Channel 4 News (the UK one):

This is the moment Milo Yiannopoulos is challenged on Breitbart’s headlines and so-called “post-fact era.”

The news outlet’s former chairman Steve Bannon has been appointed as Donald Trump’s chief strategist – and there’s speculation that Yiannopoulos himself could find his own way into the White House.

Go there to see their excerpt, or here is the full interview:

He says himself he’s a troll:

You know perfectly well that it is a provocation designed to make people think and perhaps to make them laugh.

In other words, trolling.

At about 4:40 he’s even more explicit:

I do like offending people. I think that the grievance brigade, victimhood, you know the idea that hurt feelings are some kind of special currency, I think that’s come to an end, and America agrees.

It’s classic bully-speak, that. People are hurt by insults, therefore it’s important to insult them incessantly so that they will stop objecting to being insulted. People are hurt by insults, therefore it’s important to insult them incessantly to make them shut up and go away and let you run the show.

It’s wrong. It’s evil, and wrong. Sure, ideally, it’s useful for people to be tough and resilient – but those aren’t actual virtues or good qualities. They’re just useful. Yes people who melt down over every tiny thing are maddening, and should learn to do better. But people not liking to be insulted? There’s nothing unreasonable about that, and it’s revolting to watch smug Yiannopoulos boasting of doing it on purpose because he likes offending people.

But no doubt Trump will make him Labor Secretary or something.

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