Mommy and Daddy love you very much

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports there are children at Malheur.

The two young girls now staying at the occupied refuge are sisters, ages 8 and 9.

OPB is not naming the kids, nor their parents, to protect the identity of the children, but the mother and father are active and vocal militants in the armed occupation. Both parents have been involved in the incident since its start Jan. 2.

Well, that’s good responsible loving parenthood – taking young children to an active crime scene and keeping them there.

The children were visible inside one of the buildings Thursday evening. One of the little girls asked to come outside by a campfire but was not allowed. The kids were also seen playing and wrestling together in a hallway in their pajamas.

Human shields! If there are children there, law enforcement will just throw up its hands and give the criminals Malheur for their very own, right?

Or if not maybe the children will be martyrs.

Either way it’s just hella good child-raising.


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