Not even her

Dawkins’s Twitter is of course full of his retweets of people raging at the “witch hunt” against him. (And yet he goes on pretending to be unaware that many of his 1.34 million followers will harass anyone he targets on Twitter. He remembers them when they’re raging at the witch hunt, but not when they’re harassing Chanty Binx.)

A sample, with account names left off to simplify.

@NECSS Shameful display of intolerance and ignorance on your part, in your treatment of @RichardDawkins. Ridiculous overreaction to satire.

@JackSyit @RichardDawkins I agree. He’s a liberal feminist who abhors racism and sexism. But he’s brutally honest & many hate that.

.@RichardDawkins #cologne rapes and enormous problems of Muslim world but “feminists” and Islamists unite over hatred of cartoons.

I can’t be the only one that see the irony in this situation. @RichardDawkins is more of a feminist than any of those attacking him.

@RichardDawkins Fundamentalist feminists are irony deficient.

@NECSS You people have lost all credibility. Unless you can issue an absolutely rectifying apology to @RichardDawkins . Admit you’re wrong

I’m an atheist. I don’t agree with @RichardDawkins about everything & don’t need him to speak for me, but this Twitter lynch mob is pathetic

@RichardDawkins The regressive left is a new enemy of logic and reason. Stay classy, prof.

@RichardDawkins The regressives have multiplied and have made you their newest target. Stay strong, we have your back.

Feminists turn on @RichardDawkins because he tweeted this amusing video. Humourless harpies. … …

@ttrwttr @RichardDawkins @NECSS

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Don’t always agree with @RichardDawkins but he’s fair & consistent. Same can’t be said about his hysterical detractors.

That’s a tiny, tiny sample. I gave up trying to scroll to the bottom of them.

His own tweets are as horrible as ever, if not worse.

Richard Dawkins ‏@RichardDawkins

‘It’s time feeble feminists started to condemn the misogyny in Islam’
Yes, don’t tell me, I know there’s a paywall …

[In response to someone saying the vid is not funny]:

.@ttrwttr @NECSS That’s your opinion. I found it very funny and acute. Maybe not as good as Lehrer or Python but they set a v high standard

Now who will de-platform me for posting this? Come on, why not? …
Or this? …
Both “offensive”

Dear @NECSS, please listen to @StephenFry before you disinvite anyone else for “offending” the offence junkies,

@Ivriniel @CHSommers She most certainly deserved mockery. In spades. She did not deserve violence. Nobody does, not even her.

That one is particularly disgusting. Again he insists that a random powerless ordinary woman “deserved” mockery, and not just that, but “in spades” – deserved extra added mockery. Reasonable people with a nodding acquaintance with basic decency consider that bullying and harassment, while Richard Dawkins thinks it’s just reward for a woman he dislikes. Then he says nobody deserves violence, “not even her,” as if she were so evil she came close to deserving violence.

He’s become the George Galloway of atheism.

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