Once he’s paid for you, you are his to use and abuse

Sisters Uncut on why not the Nordic model :

Some may be be wondering why we are not supporting the Nordic model or ‘sex buyer law’, which is sometimes presented as the ‘feminist’ legal model regarding prostitution. Countries such as Sweden, Norway, and most recently France have implemented ‘Nordic model’-style laws.

Sisters Uncut cannot support the Nordic model, in part because it retains the criminalisation of people who sell sex – in particular, sex workers who are working together indoors for safety. This criminalisation has been extensively documented by sex worker-led organisations, and has also been noted by Amnesty International. The arrest and prosecution of sex workers is a form of state violence against (mostly) women and LGBTQ people, and advocates of the Nordic model are overwhelmingly silent on the fact that the law they are attempting to import retains criminalisation for those who sell sex – silence which does not persuade us that these campaigners meaningfully oppose this criminalisation of sex workers.

Except that the Nordic model is about decriminalizing prostitution, not criminalizing it.

Rosalie Haynes on Sisters Uncut:

I heard the anger in this John’s voice. The look in his eyes. It was hungry, it was murderous. I fought against him when he lunged at me, I tried to be strong. But it wasn’t enough. It never is enough. I was an ant in comparison to him. He was a man that would always tease me about being weak, you know,right before he’d rape me and carry out his sexual fantasies. (I think he liked that. He liked me to be reminded of how small and powerless I was, so then he could feel big and powerful). I was pinned, hurting, I wanted to close my eyes and forget everything. Who I was, who he was, what was happening, my whole life. I guess you could say I wanted to tap my shoes together and go home. That only happens in fairytales. This was far from one. The lives of prostituted girls/women are hardly rosey, are they?

For the next few weeks every time he called me I had to go over to his house. He threatened to hurt my family and friends. Especially my mum. Always. I legit think he was mentally disturbed. He always told me how when he was younger no girls wanted to go out with him & he felt like he missed out on a lot of fun & fooling around.

I think this is why he was obsessed with always buying me, because I was just a child.

She was fourteen. She was pregnant, and hid it from him. One night she had a miscarriage in his bathroom.

He was angry as ever when he came right back and attacked me again because of the “period” mess I made in bath. I tried so hard to clean it all up and to make sure there were no stains but I didnt have enough time. (I also think he had OCD) I tried to fight him all night, crying, hurting and screaming. But I felt too weak and I stopped resisting. He didn’t stop, they never do. He carried on and carried on and carried on.

He smeared the blood from my vagina on my face.



Amnesty International wants to decriminalize Johns like that. AI wants to make pimps and johns just good participants in capitalist consumerism, and prostitutes workers in an industry like any other industry.

SistersUncut I hope you do realise that you’re supporting the death of women too? Couldn’t really give a toss if people think I’m being extreme by saying that, because personally I’m not & realistically I’m not.

So, “they cut, we blood” yes, for sure we do. But what about the men who make me bleed?

Your support against the Nordic Model  means women like me will carry on bleeding.

Their words are still threats to me. But also their words are not heard by me anymore. I have grown deaf to them, see that’s where the lovely thing we like to call dissociation comes in and helps us lasses out.

Every man who’s ever raped me should be in prison.

Every man who’s ever beaten me to a pulp should be in prison.

Every man who’s EVER paid to have sexual access to a womans body and has tortured her sexually, physically and mentally, should be in fucking prison.

We’re always told to listen to the sex workers.

As a feminist group, AS WOMEN, you fucking disgust me just as much as the men who buy and rape me. I hope you are aware that’s a huge level of disgust.

You stand there and preach about refuges and DV services which I fully support. Carry on doing so.

But for some reason exploited women are left out of your activism? But that’s because you don’t class being prostituted as abuse, right? I’m assuming that this is the only answer?

Your support against it means women like me will carry on bleeding. And you’ll make it harder for men to be held accountable. Because like I’ve said many times before, anyone who doesn’t support the Nordic model and is against it, support rapists. End of. That’s how I see it and essentially, that IS how it is. You’ll probably disagree with that statement but I couldn’t really give a flying fuck. Though, I’m also aware you have a habit of ignoring women when they question you. So I won’t hold out for a response.

No sexual predator on this earth deserves the support of any woman OR any organisation to okay them buying their way into a womans body.

Surely, as “feminists” you should know this?

Once we are bought, once that transaction has been made we aren’t safe. We aren’t ever safe when we’re in the company of a John. But once he’s paid for you, you are his to use and abuse for as long as he likes.. He owns your body. He own everything. You know, there are no safe words. Safe words don’t exist in our world. No doesn’t mean no. Stop doesn’t mean stop. All we can do is stay silent and suffer in silence.

You are supposed to be a feminist organisation, right? Fighting for women’s rights? Fighting for women’s freedom? Fighting for women to live a life free from violence? Is supporting the commercialisation of my body a feminist action?

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