Parents go shopping and buy more appropriate clothes and toys

The epistemology of this stuff is so…horrendous.

Pink News: A transgender 4-year-old is transitioning before kindergarten.

Oh come on – what sense does that even make? What does “transitioning” mean for a 4-year-old? How can the parents possibly know the kid is “transgender”?

They will be the youngest person to transition openly in Australia, and will be settled in their new gender by the time they go to to school next year.

Despite the decision having been taken by the child’s parents to respect the child’s wishes to transition, and the opinions of gender specialist medical professionals, some have suggested that the child is “too young”.

What sense does it make to talk about the parents “respecting the child’s wishes to transition”? Children of 4 don’t speak Gender Politics. Children of 4 are not yet completely up to speed in the skill of distinguishing fantasy from reality.

Speaking to the Telegraph, clinical psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg said there is a clear difference between children who experiment with dressing up, for example, and those who experience gender dysphoria.

He said there is a “huge difference between dress-ups and a child believing with every fibre of their being they are in the wrong body.”

A child age four? I don’t believe it. I don’t believe there is any such “huge” difference. For a psychologist, Carr-Gregg seems to have a very naïve  confidence that he can tell when a child believes X “with every fibre of their being.” News flash: nobody can tell that for sure about anybody. Basic epistemology: we can never know for sure what other people believe. Never.

The first comment demonstrates how horrifyingly regressive the ideology can get.

Let me explain what transitioning involves for a 4 year old.

For a boy, he goes to the barber and gets his hair cut short, takes maybe 5 minutes plus queuing time and time to get there and back. For a girl, she doesn’t go to the barber and grows her hair out. That might take about 6 months.

For all genders, parents go shopping and buy more appropriate clothes and toys. That takes a few hours.

Fucking hell – more “appropriate” clothes and toys. There is no such thing! Especially for four-year-olds! Except in the sense that children that young need clothes to play in more than clothes to sit still in. But the appropriate toys for children are ones they like, ones that will be fun and interesting and inspiring and broadly educational. Boys should have dolls and Lego, girls should have dolls and Lego.

This shit is not progressive, in any way. Rigid confining gender rules are not progressive, in any way.

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