No, it really isn’t. It isn’t that simpleIt isn’t that simple.


If it really were that simple, then we should want more and more and more racist and anti-Semitic and misogynist commentary. There should never be enough, because we should always want more of it so that we can be free to say “wow, what a dick” in response.

If it really were that simple, there would be no problem with actual racists or anti-Semites or misogynists stirring up hatred of and violence against disfavored groups of people – and yet we know that racists and misogynists do stir up hatred of and violence against disfavored groups of people.

If it really were that simple, words would have no power at all to motivate people to do things.

If it really were that simple, the magic phrase “wow, what a dick” would neutralize all hate-speech, such that no violence or bullying would ever flow from it.

It really is not that simple.

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