The day in Trumptweets

President Pussygrabber’s latest batch of tweets is astounding.

“Only the crooked media” cares about the massive conflicts of interest that a president who has “interests in properties all over the world” presents. No, Donnie, you’re wrong about that, citizens also care.

This is President Corrupt doing that projection thing again – accusing other people of the very crimes he is trying to hide. Tragically, it’s worked for him so far.

Nigel Farage. Ambassador. To the US. Oh dear god.

Fortunately it’s not President Pussygrabber’s choice to make. He no doubt thinks it is, but he’s wrong.

“Not nice” – as if he would know.

That’s because you’re a bad, stupid, mean, childish, incompetent man who somehow parlayed your money and fame into being elected president.

He really needs to start acting like an adult now.

He thinks he’s become a god.

Oh look, the National Review agrees with him! No shit, Sherlock.

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