The rewards

PZ is recruiting new people to join Freethought Blogs.

So if you want to blog here, here’s what you do: send an email to, in which you give us this information:


Contact email

Do you want your email public?

Twitter account, if any

Link for donations, if any

Links to your current blog, any biographical material, or best examples of your writing in comments or forums or other media

Why do you want to write for us?

It’s that easy. This is a private communication to the bloggers here; none of this information will be made public without your permission.

Good luck, applicants.

Serious applications will be examined for their suitability. Our requirements are simple: we want godless Social Justice Warriors. If that’s you, why aren’t you writing for us already?

Hmm, good question, why is that? Why aren’t I writing for them already? Oh yes, I remember! It’s because several of the bloggers there united to trash me on their blogs because they decided I wasn’t orthodox enough on one plank of the Social Justice Warrior Platform. That’s why. So actually their requirements aren’t as simple as PZ makes it sound. Good luck, applicants, but be warned: it’s not true that there’s no orthodoxy enforced.

What are the rewards, you ask?

  • You get space for a blog of your very own!
  • You get to join a group of supportive people!

Ah, no. That’s really not one of the rewards. That shouldn’t be claimed as one of the rewards, because it’s not accurate. It’s not a group of supportive people, at least not currently. It could become that but it’s not that now.

Mind you, the chances are very good that it will improve, because nearly all of the most toxic ones are leaving to create their own super-toxic little network. There are some terrific people at FTB, like Taslima and Maryam and Yemisi and the Nirmukta crew. But don’t go expecting a whole group of supportive people, because that’s just not the reality. I know, I was there.

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