368 to 1

Russia is decriminalizing domestic violence. Not a joke.

Domestic violence kills 14,000 women every year, the Russian Interior Ministry estimates. And just 2 percent of Russian victims of domestic abuse report attacks to police.

Now, the country has just passed a bill that would decriminalize some forms of domestic violence, enraging rights groups who say the measure will leave abuse victims even more vulnerable.

The bill ― known as the “slapping law” ― passed an initial hurdle in the Duma legislative body. It would eliminate criminal penalties for first offenses or attacks that occur only once a year in which a woman or child is not “seriously” injured.

So husbands and fathers get one freebie a year, provided no bones are broken. That makes sense. Obviously a man is going to punch his wife and/or one of their children all the time, so it would just be cruel not to let them do it at least once. What the wife or the child thinks about it doesn’t matter, because only the man is a real person.

The measure’s major proponent, arch conservative senator Yelena Mizulina, has said the current penalties are “anti-family” and a “baseless intervention into family affairs,” CNN reports.

Seriously. Where would family life be if the adult male couldn’t throw a punch now and then? What are families for if the adult male can’t hit his inferiors?

The Russian Orthodox Church also backs the bill, which its leaders see as in line with its patriarchal view demanding a man’s wife and children’s absolute submission to him.

Well God is the patriarch, see, so it all makes sense.

Some 36,000 women are beaten by their husbands daily, the state-run news agency RIA Novosti reports. In 2008 the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that two-thirds of all homicides in Russia were attributable to household or domestic confrontations.

The controversial bill breezed through its first reading — 368 to 1, with one abstention. It will next go through a second and third reading and be voted on again.

Wow. That’s shocking.

I never can seem to get used to how much women are hated.

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