Regardless of the panto villain

Today in Parliament:

MPs have voted to pass a bill to improve domestic violence support services and provision in the UK.

The bill has now passed its second reading and will be sent to committee for further consideration, before it can receive a third reading by MPs and then become law.

But there was opposition. Yes, really: actual opposition to a bill to improve domestic violence support services.

During the vote in parliament earlier today, anti-feminism MP Philip Davies attempted to block the bill by speaking for over an hour against it. Campaigners said that while he spoke, survivors of domestic violence who were present in the gallery above the chamber, stood up and turned their backs in protest. MP Eilidh Whiteford, who introduced the bill, accused Mr Davies of acting “like a panto villain”.

Well, we’re living in BrexoTrump World now, and acting like a panto villain is the new hip thing to do.

Mr Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley, West Yorkshire, said the bill was too focused on women’s rights and did not do enough to address men’s rights. He said the bill was therefore “sexist” and “discriminatory” against men.

I hope he didn’t forget to say it was politically correct. That would be embarrassing.

Ratifying the Convention would mean support for domestic violence victims would be more robust. Survivors of abuse would be legally entitled to specialist support services such as refuges, counselling, and a 24-hour helpline for support. Age-appropriate education would also be implemented in schools to help pupils spot signs of abuse and seek help.

Gender-based violence can include female genital mutilation, forced marriage, and domestic or sexual abuse, as well as physical, emotional or sexual violence or harm.

And it hasn’t gone away yet.

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