With a lighter heart

A remark said to be by Hitler in Mein Kampf – although, oddly, when I look it up on Google I find it quoted (and attributed to Hitler in Mein Kampf) in a wide array of books but not in MK itself. I would think normally the original source would be the first result. So this is said to be Hitler:

The mass meeting is necessary if only for the reason that
in it the individual, who in becoming an adherent of a new
movement feels lonely and is easily seized with the fear of
being alone, receives for the first time the pictures of a greater
community, something that has a strengthening and encour-
aging effect on most people. The same man, in the frame of
a company or a battalion, surrounded by all his comrades,
would set out on an attack with a lighter heart than he
would if left entirely to himself. In the crowd he always
feels a little sheltered even if in reality a thousand reasons
would speak against it.

There’s a purpose to all these fascist rallies.

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