Sure enough, “hero” McCain returned to the Senate and the vote was 50-50 and Pence broke the tie, so they voted to debate how best to take health insurance away from millions. They’re evil demons.

That doesn’t mean they’ll be able to pass a bill, but it does confirm their evil demonhood. They want to take health insurance away from millions, and will if they can agree on the details.

President Trump has been pushing aggressively for Republicans to pass a repeal-and-replace plan, and jabbed lawmakers this week by saying anyone who votes against kicking off debate is saying they are “fine with the Obamacare nightmare.” Speaking during a joint news conference in the Rose Garden Tuesday, Trump said he was “very very sad” for the Republicans who opposed the motion but “very happy with the result” of the vote.

“Now we’re all going to sit together and try to come up with something really spectacular,” the president said, though he acknowledged Republicans face “a narrow path” on health care. “It’s a very, very complex and difficult task, something I know quite a bit about.”

Moron. He knows very little about it. He only thinks he knows quite a bit about it because he knew absolutely nothing before and picked up a little during the process.

On Tuesday a coalition of medical and consumer groups reiterated their intense opposition to all the health-care plans Senate Republicans have been considering, calling on them to drop those bills and begin anew with a bipartisan process that includes standard committee hearings.

In a conference call, David Barbe, the president of the American Medical Association and part of the coalition, challenged the claims Senate GOP leaders have made about their main legislation to dismantle large parts of the Affordable Care Act.

“It does not make care more affordable to low-income Americans,” Barbe said. “It does not reduce out-of-pocket costs. It could trigger substantial increases for patients with preexisting conditions.”

They don’t care. They just want to break it.

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