A reprieve

Better news for CEU:

Central European University announced Tuesday that it will remain in Budapest for the 2017-18 academic year, amid hope that it will be able to do so for the long run as well.

The university, founded in 1991, has American and Hungarian accreditation and offers graduate education in the social sciences and various professional fields. The university has won international praise for the quality of its academic programs. But a law passed in Hungary in April has endangered the university by requiring that it offer programs in New York State, where it is chartered but does not offer programs. The law has been condemned by academics worldwide as an attack on the university…While the exact motives are unclear, many say that the Hungarian government is trying to attack George Soros, the financier and philanthropist who founded the university.)

Andrew Cuomo has authorized negotiations with the Hungarian government to allow CEU to keep operating in Hungary. (Maybe a hologram CEU in Albany or Syracuse while the real one continues in Budapest?)

But seriously, that seems to be good news.

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