I mentioned the other day I don’t like Kathy Griffin’s severed head photo. I don’t like threatening imagery of that kind, no matter who’s doing it and no matter who’s the target. (On the other hand if she’d released it yesterday right after the Rose Garden announcement, instead of Tuesday, I might have lost sight of that dislike.) But that doesn’t mean outrage from Trump and co is anything other than bullshit.

Imagine? Imagine??! We don’t have to imagine, lots of people did that to Obama. Donald Junior’s own father spent years publicly lying about Obama’s citizenship.¬†Donald Junior’s own father demanded the execution of the Central Park 5, and he insisted they were guilty after DNA evidence had shown they were not.¬†Donald Junior’s own father in other words called for the murder of five non-white teenagers. That’s a good deal worse than Kathy Griffin’s photo.

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