Besties no more

Trump has stopped saying “Obama likes me!” He’s stopped saying he likes Obama. Now he says Obama was “very nice to me with words” but since then they have “no relationship.” Did he think they were going to be buddies? I suppose they could have played golf, but I’m pretty sure Obama knows more congenial people even for that.

Meanwhile he’s still saying Obama spied on him, and when John Dickerson tries to get him to explain what he means, first Trump repeatedly says “You can take it the way you want, you can take it any way you want,” as if it were all a matter of “taking” things one way or another, as opposed to a matter of facts, evidence, accusations of committing a felony, and lying.

Then he just makes a rude gesture and says get out.

I have a little fantasy of having Trump in a room, all by ourselves, and he’s tied down, and I get to tell him what’s wrong with him. I get to explain it to him.

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