A woman who’s dedicated her life to women’s rights

Feminist Current reported yesterday:

Women’s conference in Oslo, Norway, organized by the Norwegian Socialist Party, no-platforms Julie Bindel over pressure from individuals accusing her of “transphobia.” Rachel Moran withdrew from the conference in solidarity with Bindel, yet conference organizers have refused to publicly state the reason for her action.

Moran states:

“The Norwegian Socialist Party needs to know that I will not speak for any group that displays the extraordinary cowardice they have shown in allowing an abolitionist feminist to be bullied from the stage. Julie Bindel has been an activist on men’s violence against women almost as long as I have been living, and it is nauseating to see a woman who’s dedicated her life to women’s rights shamelessly bullied and harassed in this way. The statement the Norwegian Socialist Party later released in relation to Julie Bindel’s no-platforming was sickening to the extent that, on reading it, I felt relief to know that I had already pulled out of their event. Had I not, I would have done so immediately on reading that statement.”

Et tu Norwegian Socialist Party?

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