Activism in action

Here’s a video of the belligerent “protest” at (and of) the launch of the Vancouver Women’s Library the other day:

The very tall loud person demands what the library organizers have done to support sex workers.

The person in the orange toque says the organizers have been very violent and harmful.

The very tall loud person tears down a poster, and several people cry “Get out!” The very tall loud person does not get out.

About 2:40 The person with bangs next to tall loud says “No SWERFs! No TERFs!” The very tall loud person immediately shouts “NO FUCKING TERFS in this FUCKING NEIGHBORHOOD.”

Note: if I had been there, I would have started to find the very tall loud person intimidating at this point.

At this point talk becomes general, and less shouty…until at 3:00 the very tall loud person says with loud emphasis “BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT YOU IN OUR FUCKING SPACES.”

Women from the library gather in front of the very tall loud person (who looms over them) and the very tall loud person shouts at them. At about 3:45 the very tall loud person bellows at them “NO YOU’RE ATTACKING THE WRONG FUCKING PEOPLE.”

The conversation goes on, mostly centered on the very tall loud person. Whenever tall loud person talks louder (which is often), TLP also flails an arm up and down for emphasis – and, perhaps, for intimidation. That may be unconscious, or it may not.

About 4:40 – again with the shouting and flailing the hand up and down, inches from the face of one of the library women. No, I don’t think that can be unconscious.

5:12 the very tall loud person shouts into a woman’s face: “I’M A WOMAN.”

Ok, the very tall loud person says at the beginning “as a trans person” and a bit later “you said I’m not a real woman.” At 5:12 the very tall loud person spells it out (by shouting into a woman’s face). But here’s the thing: the trans woman is carrying on exactly like an angry entitled bullying man with no scruples about bullying women. The trans woman is carrying on like Donald Trump. Isn’t it interesting how this particular kind of “activism” apparently functions as permission for large people with loud voices to do that? Isn’t it interesting that this “woman” has zero inhibitions about using typically male advantages of size and voice volume to bully and berate women?

5:25: tall loud person says “Your politics kills my friends.”

The organizers call the cops, and the “activists” file out; tall loud person’s parting shot is, “And you’re fucking cop sympathizers.”

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