All he wants to do

Trump this morning.

Oh please.

The life history of cheating and exploitation? The 1973 lawsuit for systematically discriminating against black people in housing rentals? Tricking people out of large sums of money for “tuition” at Trump “University”?

The Central Park 5? The birtherism?

The filth of the campaign – including a great deal of “ferocious anger”? Mexicans are rapists?

The constant name-calling? The bullying? The insults? The lies?

The conceit, the vanity, the self-importance, the self-obsession? The grotesque hubris of feeling qualified to be president?

“You can grab them by the pussy”?

The many allegations of sexual assault?

The endless crazed tweets? The lie about Obama’s wiretapping? The lie about Mika Brzezinski’s face lift? The personal attacks on countless people?

Pushing Comey to drop the investigation into Flynn? Firing Comey? That private meeting with the Russians with no US press allowed? Slandering Comey to the Russians?

“On many sides, on many sides?” That press conference three days later? Saying there were many good people among the white supremacists?

That appalling “rally” in Phoenix?

Pardoning Arpaio?

The complete incompetence along with the complete lazy indifference along with the corruption and dishonesty in the office?

To name just a few.

That’s WHY. Wonder no more.

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