Another frenzy

The Working Class Movement Library in Salford (across the river from Manchester – I’ve been there, just barely, having crossed the bridge near the People’s History Museum in Manchester so I could say I’d set foot in Salford) is putting on an event with Julie Bindel.

We are pleased to welcome journalist, writer, broadcaster and researcher Julie Bindel to speak as we mark LGBT History Month. Julie has been active in the global campaign to end violence towards women and children since 1979, and has written extensively on topics such as rape, domestic violence, prostitution and trafficking. She is currently a Visiting Fellow at Lincoln University.

Julie’s 2014 book on the state of the lesbian and gay movement in the UK, Straight Expectations, has been praised for being thought-provoking and challenging.

Admission free; all welcome.

It’s a volunteer-run organization, with no money.

The event page has filled up with screaming outrage from people who heard from someone who heard from someone else who read in a Facebook comment once that Julie is an Unapproved Person. “Screaming outrage” doesn’t even describe it – it’s frothing raving deranged hatred, along with threats and dedicated efforts to damage both Julie and the Library.

The subset of the Green Party that calls itself LGBTIQA+Greens has posted a ridiculous account of this venomous explosion:

5 January 2017

February is the time of year that we remember and celebrate the achievements of LGBT people, which, let’s face it, are frequently swept under the carpet in discussions of the past.

To mark this year’s LGBT History Month, The Working Class Movement Library in Salford has announced that they are hosting Julie Bindel to speak at their event.

Julie Bindel has a long and troubling history of making transphobic and biphobic comments. In December 2012, she wrote an article titled ‘Where’s the Politics in Sex?’ where she rolled out tired and harmful stereotypes around bisexuality, including such sentiments as “if bisexual women had an ounce of sexual politics, they would stop sleeping with men.”. In 2004 she published an article called ‘Gender benders, beware’ in which she referred to a trans woman with quotation marks around “woman” and her pronoun “she” as if to suggest that her identity was invalid and something to be mocked.

This week, Bindel has even ridiculed trans people’s pronouns and the right that everyone has to choose their own in a tweet that read: “Pronouns – Martini/whitewine/Negroni.”

And that’s it! That’s all they offer! That’s all they offer by way of evidence for claiming she “has a long and troubling history of making transphobic and biphobic comments” and by way of justification for doing their utmost to bully the WCML and Julie into giving up this event. She made a joke about “pronouns” and they consider that justification for trying to destroy her.

The bullshit gets bullshitter every week. It’s sickening.

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