Beware the certain bloodlines

Trump yesterday:

Oh dear. It turns out that link was

  1. broken
  2. wack

Newsweek has the details.

President Donald Trump Saturday re-tweeted and thanked a website showcasing his achievements —that has also promoted conspiracy theories and anti-Semitism.

The website has in the past published articles promoting the conspiracy theory that DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered on the orders of Hillary Clinton, and that banking is corrupted by “certain bloodlines.”


The site has tweeted claims that Luciferians, financier George Soros, and the Vatican control the world.

The same bizarre “flow chart” claims Jews secretly control finance.

“Banking families, Certain bloodline families have dominated global financial institutions, including: BIS, FED, IMF, World Bank, Wall Street,” according to the site.

But now, miraculously, we have Trump to put a stop to all that! Praise Jesus!

It is not the first time Trump has touted information from sites trafficking in right-wing conspiracies.

In July, 2016, Trump re-tweeted a graphic showing a picture of his presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, superimposed over a star reminiscent of the Star of David, with a pile of cash and the words “most corrupt candidate ever.”

The Anti-Defamation League accused the Trump campaign of using an image with “obvious anti-Semitic overtones” which had been lifted from a white supremacist website.

Months earlier he re-tweeted a comment form the Twitter account @WhiteGenocideTM, which had promoted neo-Nazi content.

Well we already know he has a soft spot for neo-Nazis.

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