Bikers for Trump are on their way

Today in TrumpOnTwitter.

His epistemology needs work. The fact that one sycophant says something flattering about his Twitter use is just that – a minor fact about one person. It’s far from sufficient to demonstrate that the media are dishonest about his Twitter use.

He seems to think his daughter should be immune from press attention unless it’s friendly. If she were a child I would agree, but she’s not. She’s an adult and a participant in his shoddy corrupt activities.

Again – that’s one person saying something. It’s random.

Also notice Trump’s chronic shallowness – notice that he chose a tweet that says nothing, just as he couldn’t manage to say anything about Martin Luther King even when he wanted to. “Great…character…class.” That’s just a generic compliment, it doesn’t mean anything. Trump doesn’t even know how to mean.

No they’re not. People are staying away in record numbers.

No they’re not.

It’s true that Lewis boycotted Bush Jr’s inauguration. Since he doesn’t have Trump’s pattern of reckless lying, I think he forgot as opposed to lying, but I can’t demonstrate it. Mind you, there were very solid reasons for seeing Bush’s first election as dubious, given that 5-4 Supreme Court ruling and all. But Trump is at least telling the truth in that pair of tweets. But so what? He’s telling it in aid of continuing his attack on someone who’s better than he is.

Breitbart. He’s quoting Breitbart at us. He’ll be president in three days and he’s quoting Breitbart at us.

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