Boats heading for Houston

The BBC reports on the self-styled Cajun Navy, a group of volunteer rescuers set up during Katrina and operating ever since, doing its thing in Houston. They bring their own boats.

Cajun Navy organiser Clyde Cain told CNN: “Our goal is to help people get out if they are trapped in their homes or apartments, get them to safety.”

The group sent 20 boats on a 300-mile trip to Houston on the back of trucks.

Since Katrina in 2005, the group has grown and co-ordinates rescue efforts through its Facebook page.

It helps people prepare for storms, with food distribution, and helps in rescue operations.

Social media plays a big part too, as people post messages to alert them to places needing assistance.

It’s reminiscent of Dunkirk, when thousands of civilians with boats helped with the evacuation.

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