Burning up the twitters

Trump was busy this morning.

A couple of days ago he was hanging Sessions out to dry; now he’s all indignant that a major newspaper dares to report his lies about contacts with Russia. He gets to shit on his people but no one else does, I guess.

The “failing” New York Times that he spilled his guts to a few days ago. Ok dude, whatever.

Having the power to do it isn’t the same thing as being able to get away with it.

“So many”=Donald Trump.

What about the fact that she’s a private citizen now?

Ooof, that’s big lie even for him. Little Don gave his emails to the media only after the Times told him they were about to release them. Plus Little Don has corrupt ties to the White House right now, which Hillary Clinton does not.

Taking away health insurance from millions is a WIN to this guy.

Repeat repeat repeat.

Aw Donnie’s playing sojer, how cute.

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