Will he make it to five weeks?

It appears that people in the Intelligence Community are getting increasingly anxious about Trump, so they’re talking to the Post and the Times more. The Post did a big late in the day drop on Monday, so yesterday it was the Times’s turn. CNN and MSNBC stayed up all night to discuss it.

Trump people talked to Russian intelligence officials during the campaign.

The IC people who talked to the Times declined to give important details, like which Trump people and what they talked about.

Trump of course is melting down, as conspicuously as possible.

Subtle, isn’t he.

Why would anybody care about covering up Clinton’s campaign mistakes now?

This from the guy who couldn’t praise Wikileaks enough during the campaign:

That’s just one of many; CNN showed a whole string of them last night. He loves “wikkyleeks.”

Wikkyleeks, dude. You love them.

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