Donnie wants to work with Russia to fix the WORLD

Sometimes we have to start with TrumpOnTwitter to make sense of the news. So, ok.

A couple I skipped yesterday:

That’s a trivial but still telling item – telling because it betrays that he wants us to know that editors come to him now, even big name editors like Anna Wintour. He wants us to be impressed. He’s that needy.

Rachel Maddow pointed out last night how absurd that is – the report was all over the news and it’s just routine for leaks like that to happen. NBC is not a special offender. But NBC…well…it’s not Fox, put it that way.

Also Trump looks ridiculous asking Congress to investigate trivial offenses against his Presidential Self. He looks even more ridiculous telling us he’s doing so via Twitter.

Then came his sober assessment of the Russian hacking.

No, that’s another lie. Russia did also hack the RNC, but it didn’t share what it found with Wikileaks, because Putin wanted Trump to win.

Why? Partly to get revenge on Clinton for dissing him, but also to get a stupid easily-manipulated patsy in the office.

No; another lie. It did not state that. It stated that it did not investigate that question, not that “here was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results.”

Study that one for awhile. Let it sink in. Ponder it.

He’s saying that Russian tampering with the US election is no big deal and wouldn’t even be discussed if the Democrats weren’t red-faced about losing.

He thinks Russia respects him.

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