Saturday the white supremacists came back to Charlottesville.

The prominent white supremacist Richard B. Spencer was a featured speaker at a rally on Saturday in Charlottesville, Va., where demonstrators reprised their chant of “You will not replace us!” and asserted that the South would “rise again.”

The gathering, which occurred eight weeks after a “Unite the Right” rally resulted in the death of a 32-year-old woman, was considerably smaller than the one in August, instead resembling a group of protesters who descended on the park in May.

The Charlottesville Police Department said in a statement that Saturday’s rally began around 7:40 p.m., included 40 to 50 people and lasted no more than 10 minutes.

Good that it was small, but not good that Spencer and his friends feel entitled to keep throwing pro-racism demonstrations.

On Twitter, Mayor Mike Signer of Charlottesville urged the demonstrators to “Go home!”

Rallies for Racism aren’t really something the world needs.

So what were the president and vice-president doing yesterday? Making statements against racism? Oh hell no – they were making a huge fuss about black athletes protesting racist violence.

So that’s where we are.

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