Saturday Night Live went after Ivanka Trump this time.

Yet again this weekend, “Saturday Night Live” trotted out Alec Baldwin doing a Donald Trump impression for its cold open. And yet again, that wasn’t even close to its harshest political sketch.

That distinction this week was reserved for “Complicit,” a faux Ivanka Trump perfume ad that is liable to really ruffle some feathers.

The basic idea is pretty clear: As an outspoken woman known to be very close to her father, she is complicit in the things Trump does — and for not doing something about them.

Daddy boasts of grabbing women by the pussy, Daddy calls Senator Warren “Pocahontas,” Daddy accuses Obama of a felony based on something somebody said on Fox News. Daddy lies, Daddy cheats, Daddy steals. Daddy wants to take health insurance away from poor people, Daddy wants to make rivers and streams dirty again, Daddy hates brown foreigners. Ivanka’s right there with him.

SNL last week ran a very similar sketch about Republicans being unwilling to stand up to President Trump. But the decision to go after Ivanka Trump is certainly an interesting one — and one that her father is very likely to take notice of. Back when Nordstrom dropped her line, Donald Trump tweeted about it and Kellyanne Conway appeared to break ethics rules by telling people to buy Ivanka Trump’s products.

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