Don 2 is outraged

The Washington Post points out that Trumps seem to be peculiarly talented at bashing others for faults they excel at. Trump’s label “Crooked Hillary” is the classic of the genre but there are many.

Two of the president’s children complained about the “viciousness” of politics, defending a father who redefined viciousness as a candidate. Trump himself accused San Juan’s mayor of politicizing tragedy, despite his own tendency to do the same — repeatedly. The White House said ESPN’s Jemele Hill should be fired for calling Trump a “white supremacist,” even as Trump had called President Barack Obama a racist. It has also said attacking Trump is “unpatriotic,” despite Trump’s questioning Obama’s very legitimacy as president. And on and on.

It’s very grating, that kind of thing. We get tired of exclaiming “do you have any moral self-awareness at all?!”

But even by its standards, going there on Democrats and Harvey Weinstein is pretty brazen.

Donald Trump Jr. has been tweeting about Weinstein for the better part of the past week:

Trump Jr.’s arguments seem to boil down to two things: 1) Weinstein is clearly guilty, given the volume of accusers, and 2) Hollywood and Democrats are too willing to stand up for — or at least too reluctant to criticize — Weinstein.

Does that sound like anyone in Don Junior’s family? Why yes, it sounds like Daddy!

Eleven women came forward before the 2016 election to accuse Trump of touching them without consent, and although many Republicans initially rebuked Trump, upon his election, the party has stood by him in almost total lock-step. There are plenty of other similarities, too, including Trump and Weinstein both allegedly abusing their public stature, as well as recordings of Trump and Weinstein talking about sexually harassing women.

Maybe he thinks it’s like setting a fire to stop a fire. Or, more likely, he doesn’t think at all.

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