Donnie Twoscoops goes on a trip

Trump is a big hit in Saudi Arabia, because he’s suddenly developed an understanding of foreign affairs and mature skill at diplomacy.

Just kidding. He’s a big hit because he’s a cynical self-serving pig.

On Sunday, Mr. Trump is scheduled to deliver a speech that White House aides described as a call to Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim world to unite against extremism. One senior White House official said the president hoped to “reset” both the global fight against Islamist terrorism and his own reputation for intolerance of Muslims, which was fueled by his campaign call for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” After taking office, Mr. Trump signed an executive order to temporarily block visitors from some predominantly Muslim countries, but courts have blocked it pending a legal review.

But he didn’t mean Saudi Muslims. He didn’t mean rich Muslims with lashings of oil to sell. He meant those other Muslims – the ones he doesn’t like. No it’s true that he didn’t say that, but everyone knows it’s what he meant.

Mr. Trump’s royal hosts, whose country was not among those covered by the travel ban, have chosen to ignore that history in the interests of working with an American president who seems to share their goals and will not lecture them about repression of women or minority Shiites in Saudi Arabia, or its brutal conduct of the war in Yemen.

Hell no. He doesn’t care about any of that. Why would he? He cares only about himself, and money, and grabbing women by the pussy.

“Traditional Arab allies welcome the U.S. back because they believe it is largely on their terms: a U.S. that is clearly anti-Iran and anti-political Islam, a U.S. that de-emphasizes political reform and human rights, a U.S. that is in business mode and a White House that seems more accessible than in the past eight years,” said Emile Hokayem, a senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Anti-political Islam unless it’s Wahhabi political Islam. The little fact that the Saudis fund Wahhabi mosques all over the world, very much including the US, is neither here nor there.

Mr. Trump is the only sitting president to make Saudi Arabia the first stop on his inaugural, nine-day trip overseas.

And that says a lot about him, doesn’t it. He makes a beeline for an authoritarian theocratic country that treats the bulk of its people like shit.

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