Dropping in

The Trump-May meeting from the BBC’s point of view.

Prime Minister Theresa May is holding talks at the White House with US President Donald Trump.

They posed for photographs in front of a bust of Sir Winston Churchill – which Mr Trump pointed to, saying it was “a great honour” to have it back.

The new president had the bust restored to the Oval Office after it was removed by former president Barack Obama.

Mrs May smiled and told him: “Thank you, we were very pleased that you accepted it back.”

Sigh. A Fox News talking point. That whole fraudulent fuss about Churchill’s bust was a racist dogwhistle back in the early days of Obama’s tenure. Oh oh oh, the Mooslim from Kenya kicked the hero of Dubya Dubya Too out of the sacred Oval Office, oh oh oh, the bust of The Hero must always be in The Sacred Oval Office, that’s the law of the land and has been since 1672 as everybody knows.

Please. Churchill was a Tory; Obama is not a Tory; there’s no law that says Churchill’s bust has to be in the president’s office.

Theresa May and Donald Trump

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