The aching boredom

Ashley Feinberg has all the sympathy for Trump’s plight.

Donald Trump does not want to be the president.

Donald Trump likes going to rallies. He likes hearing people scream his name in ecstasy while calling for the imprisonment and death of his enemies. He likes going on TV. He likes hearing about how high the ratings were after he goes on TV. He likes grabbing women by the pussy and moving on them “like a bitch.”

What Donald Trump does not like, however, is keeping his promises, sitting still for more than five minutes at a time, or doing any kind of work whatsoever, tedious or otherwise. It’s probably why so many of his business ventures were spectacular, blistering failures over the years.

But unfortunately for Donald Trump and everyone else in the world save Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump is about to be the president. And as miserable as it is for us, there is one small, saving grace amidst the despair: Donald Trump looks like he wants to die.


He doesn’t look as if he wants to die any more than usual – he has resting furious face. But he doesn’t look happy and excited and thrilled, that’s for dang sure. He also doesn’t look like Obama – attentive, relaxed, human. Trump looks like a demon about to erupt…but then he always does.

As many noted, in the photos of their meeting in the Oval Office, Trump looks absolutely terrified. As well he should be—this is a man who has absolutely no business running anything, much less the United States. And apparently, he knows it.

But it’s more than just being scared of what he got himself into. Donald Trump is positively miserable. He hates this shit! He doesn’t want to walk around getting a tour with Mitch McConnell. Nor does he want to sit at a boring table next to boring Paul Ryan and talk about boring things that aren’t Donald Trump.

Of course he doesn’t. He’s easily bored because he’s a pinhead. There’s nothing going on in his brain, so boredom always lurks.

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