Sometimes…I don’t know, I just want Donald Trump to be tied hand and foot to a chair while each of us is given five minutes to explain into his face exactly what is so terrible about him.

It’s this.

“Crazy” Bernie Sanders. “Crooked” Hillary. “Cryin'” Chuch Schumer. “Pocahontas.”

That man. That man with the hideous facial expressions, the ludicrous hair sculpture, the flapping too-long tie, the inability to utter an intelligent sentence, the non-stop lies, the pushing people out of his way, the bullying handshakes, the mockery of a disabled reporter, the abuse of women he considers not attractive enough, the corruption, the incompetence, the fraud – the extra scoop of ice cream Just For Him – that man has the gall to use insulting epithets for other people.

I would like 5 minutes to tell a pinioned Trump exactly why that makes him so contemptible and disgusting.

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