Even the Tories can see that one

How we live now.

A former mayor has been suspended by the Tories after allegedly posting a racist ‘joke’ on Facebook.

Racist. Are we sure? Are the Tories being too politically correct?

Conservative councillor 'posted joke comparing Asian people to dogs'

I took my dog to the dole office to see what he was entitled to. The bloke behind the counter said “You idiot, we don’t give benefits to dogs”. So l argued “Why not, he’s brown, he stinks, he’s never worked a fuckin day in his life, and he can’t speak a fuckin word of English”. The man replied “His first payment will be Monday.”

Ok then, the Tories are not being too politically correct.

She didn’t create the “joke” though. Somebody composes that crap. You can see it on Facebook from 2013.

Human beings leave a lot to be desired.

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